Sunday, 24 November 2013

Anti- Bullying week 2013

It's been a pretty hectic week for me revising for my mocks and a Spanish speaking (which I thought went terribly) Anyway, for those of you who have been reading for a while we know that it is important to me that bullying is reduced in schools.
Please be sure to raise awareness of bullying everywhere maybe by just a small blog post like this or something lie a video
If you are looking for more information on the various types of bullying or some advice please check out this link
or email me at thewayyoudressit (at) for personal advice


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Trend spot

I think it's amazing when we managed to incorporate things that would not normally be fashionable, into something fashionable. For example, things like overalls, bowler bags and now holdall bags?

For those of you who don't know what a holdall bag is here is a quit definition/ trend knowledge:
In American English, a gym bag is a large bag made of cloth or leather typically with a rectangular base and a zippered opening at the top. Two handles enable the bag to be carried, and a (usually removable) strap lets the user support the bag on the shoulders.
In British English, a holdall (or occasionally hold-all) may be a similar bag but may often have wheels and possibly a telescopic handle. The term covers a wide variety of types of bag.

How do we managed to do this?
I really love the idea of a holdall bag because I find them quite versatile, cute and almost business like. I would recommend to wear it with a fur jacket, some cut out boots and some skinny trousers.

Style tip: I would recommend purchasing a croc print hold all bag because in y opinion they are the most stylish and stand out against a simple outfit.

what type of trend would you like to see styled or talked about on my blog - leave a comment below

Monday, 11 November 2013

Life update

Hi guys,
Whenever I don't blog on a regular basis, I feel guilty but I immediately want to get back in the swing of blogging because it's one of the things I enjoy so much. It's a place where I can keep all the things that I love where no one else from school etc have to look at it, yet I still get to share it with random strangers.
I have been super busy getting reading for some mock exams but I guess you could say that I'm far from ready. I still want to make some time for blogging and making my blog grow so will try and fit both a tumblr Thursday in and a trend spot because I want to open my blog up f
or more fashion advice as well as wishlists.
If you have any suggestions please comment below xx