Saturday, 25 June 2016


It has been a long long time.

Two stressful years of alevels, headaches, tears and struggle. I am so excited to get back to doing things that I enjoy!

See you all soon!


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Songs to get you through the hard times

Hi guys,
I just wanted to share with you a few inspirational songs which I love to listen to
Have fun!

No water in the water fountain - weird catchy song 

stronger - this song is quite empowering!

Shape - the sort of song which makes you silent for a few minutes 

I wanna have your babies - just a fun song 

Decisions, decisions

I still enjoy coming to this blog once in a while, like an open dairy of my life to allow me to write down my latest feelings. Sometimes I think that the best place to talk about my feelings is my blog and today is one of them. Since year 8 when I was watching Don't tell the Bride on TV and I saw the bride design her own wedding dress I was hooked on designing. It was what I wanted to do. I felt really passionate about it and i then took Textiles for GCSE and started my blog as well as a place where I could talk about fashion.
I then started to slowly begin to loose interest. Well, not loose interest, my love for fashion was just overrided by exams and other stresses and instead of becoming one of my main passion just became something that I enjoyed, like most of us. My four year plan was starting to look a little different and I started to not believe in myself and think that it would take years to make it into the business and earn some decent money. I managed to convince myself that I could always do fashion designing as a bit on the side and I still had my blog as my creative outlet and that was the end of that.
Recently, I fell back in love with one of my earliest passions- writing. I definitely wouldn't want to boost, but writing almost came naturally and i really enjoyed it. I have struggled for many years to think about what I wanted to do as a career. I still don't know but I wanted to choose English because I loved it and I wanted to do anything that I enjoyed. I wrote a whole personal statement off to universities about it and showed my mum and dad. I was expecting them to welcome my career with open arms but that didn't seem to be the case. Somehow, they managed me to convince me, the same way I convinced myself about Fashion.
I have recently changed career choices AGAIN. This time to Psychology. I thought so much could come out of it counselling, psychologists... However, it seems so hard to get into! I showed my mum and dad my personal statement and they again questioned my career choice. Why couldn't I do a degree which would get me a job and easy money? But, I was and still am confused. I don't really know how many career choices I could have and there isn't very many more that I would want to do. Becoming a clinical psychologist takes a really long time and the earliest time that I could be free from education is 25. This scares me quite a lot. As much as I want to help people and do a job like that I also want top have my own social life and enjoy my youth. I also don't want to devote another part of my life to doing a masters and a phd. I have always looked forward to the future and now I am finding it hard to enjoy moving forward. It's a difficult decision and one that I could easily cry about. Don't get me wrong, I have shed a tear or two but it's important for me to remind myself that a decision will be made and I can't predict the future. I just have to strive for the best.

Monday, 29 June 2015

A blog post to... the people who never quite understand me

Dear the people who don't quite understand me,
I get it. I am not that easy to understand. I don't appear to have those skills that appears to be human instinct to everyone else just to start off with 'hi, my name is..' and make friends with new people. Change is weird. I have spent years making the friends I have now, who perfectly understand, who know when I'm happy, who know that I cry when I'm angry and who know that I hardly ever eat the sandwiches contrary to my mum's beliefs. If you don't understand me, you probably never will. There is a great wall between me and you which I can't seem to break and at one point you've probably called me a weirdo. But if you were wondering what kind of a person I was I would tell you that I'm nice. I'm hardworking. I like to hum to myself sometimes which can sometimes annoy people. And I don't like it when people take my seat when I've only gone to the toilet. But if you don't understand me, it's OK. I probably don't understand a single bit of you.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Fur and boots

I'm back blogging!
Starting my a-levels have left me no time for myself and it's slightly tiresome and some points and I haven't have the chance to blog at all. But now I think that I need some sort of extra curricular activity to keep me busy and to take my mind of everything which of course has to be blogging.
Boots seem to be all the range this winter I have found myself lusting on these Stuart Weitzman boots that I saw a blogger,Patricia Bright wearing and also a woman in a restaurant. Let's just say that I'm broke with expensive taste but aren't we all? It's seems really hard to find boots to wear that suit your leg shape and don't just sag at the end but when I found these River Island shoes I feel in love a little bit. Although they are nothing like the Stuart Weitzman boots they are preppy and fun and would be great from the near snow temperatures we have been getting. Is it only me who hates snow?
Another essential that will be great for these nippy English temperature is a fur coat. Maybe not as outstandish as this one but why not have a statement jacket on whilst falling on your bum in a pile of snow? No harm done.

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Any ideas of what I could do next? 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Not feeling yourself

There are times in your life when you feel a little disheartened, when you don't feel you did as well as you could as and its too late to turn back. Seeing people do so well whilst you don't seem to be getting anywhere.
I promise you your time will come!

Things that don't bother me that used to before me at school

Hi guys!,
First things first (insert the rest of Iggy Azalea's lyrics here)
Fashion Slice has been a basis for just my personal ramblings about fashion for years now. I started this thing in year 8 and now I'm in year 12. Wow.
Now that I am older, less naive and I guess you could argue more experienced I feel that I  want to expand the topics that I talk about on my blog. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE fashion, but I realise (now that I am older,less naive and I guess you could argue more experienced) that I probably never get the opportunity to work in the industry and I should probably set my eyes on more 'reachable' ambitions. I cant really imagine a time when I won't need to blog about a new find, drawing I have done or a picture that I have taken.
Now that's over, I've been thinking a lot lately about things that I used to really care about that I no longer care about. Sounds quite strange but I think we can all learn a lesson or two about what I have to say here.

  1. How am I going to start a fashion blog looking like this? When I first started my blog I wasn't aware of the vast blogosphere of other fashion bloggers who had started out like me. When I found them they all looked so pretty (and still do) and had the best clothes,blog designs everything. I had to ask myself, without these things how am I even going to do this blog? I now realise (now I am older and you get the rest) why does blogging about fashion have to be about any of these? Once you have your interest why should anything else matter ?
  2. Why am I not popular? From memories  year 7 to year 9 I still cringe about my looks. People at school judge so much about how you look and sometimes it can get a person down, I have to admit. I once had a boy in my form at school laugh at my hair do- It was very damaging but now I just think that all those fashion fails and not looking like the best looking human is something that you just have  to take! 
  3. Embarrasing myself- still happens, but now I laugh! 
  4. Why is she clever AND smart? I swear you can't have both- I don't have either __ I still struggle with this one. When you work so hard to get something and it seems like the person who put just as much effort in or maybe even less is always getting the success that you want it can be very annonying. It's hard to remember that you are not them and their success will not be the same as yours
Things I am still working on: 
  1. dealing with failure
  2. Not comparing my self to others 
  3. Not asking 'why is she clever AND smart?'
  4. Not living in the past 
We are not perfect at all, but we are still quite awesome!