Saturday, 27 December 2014

Fur and boots

I'm back blogging!
Starting my a-levels have left me no time for myself and it's slightly tiresome and some points and I haven't have the chance to blog at all. But now I think that I need some sort of extra curricular activity to keep me busy and to take my mind of everything which of course has to be blogging.
Boots seem to be all the range this winter I have found myself lusting on these Stuart Weitzman boots that I saw a blogger,Patricia Bright wearing and also a woman in a restaurant. Let's just say that I'm broke with expensive taste but aren't we all? It's seems really hard to find boots to wear that suit your leg shape and don't just sag at the end but when I found these River Island shoes I feel in love a little bit. Although they are nothing like the Stuart Weitzman boots they are preppy and fun and would be great from the near snow temperatures we have been getting. Is it only me who hates snow?
Another essential that will be great for these nippy English temperature is a fur coat. Maybe not as outstandish as this one but why not have a statement jacket on whilst falling on your bum in a pile of snow? No harm done.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Not feeling yourself

There are times in your life when you feel a little disheartened, when you don't feel you did as well as you could as and its too late to turn back. Seeing people do so well whilst you don't seem to be getting anywhere.
I promise you your time will come!

Things that don't bother me that used to before me at school

Hi guys!,
First things first (insert the rest of Iggy Azalea's lyrics here)
Fashion Slice has been a basis for just my personal ramblings about fashion for years now. I started this thing in year 8 and now I'm in year 12. Wow.
Now that I am older, less naive and I guess you could argue more experienced I feel that I  want to expand the topics that I talk about on my blog. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE fashion, but I realise (now that I am older,less naive and I guess you could argue more experienced) that I probably never get the opportunity to work in the industry and I should probably set my eyes on more 'reachable' ambitions. I cant really imagine a time when I won't need to blog about a new find, drawing I have done or a picture that I have taken.
Now that's over, I've been thinking a lot lately about things that I used to really care about that I no longer care about. Sounds quite strange but I think we can all learn a lesson or two about what I have to say here.

  1. How am I going to start a fashion blog looking like this? When I first started my blog I wasn't aware of the vast blogosphere of other fashion bloggers who had started out like me. When I found them they all looked so pretty (and still do) and had the best clothes,blog designs everything. I had to ask myself, without these things how am I even going to do this blog? I now realise (now I am older and you get the rest) why does blogging about fashion have to be about any of these? Once you have your interest why should anything else matter ?
  2. Why am I not popular? From memories  year 7 to year 9 I still cringe about my looks. People at school judge so much about how you look and sometimes it can get a person down, I have to admit. I once had a boy in my form at school laugh at my hair do- It was very damaging but now I just think that all those fashion fails and not looking like the best looking human is something that you just have  to take! 
  3. Embarrasing myself- still happens, but now I laugh! 
  4. Why is she clever AND smart? I swear you can't have both- I don't have either __ I still struggle with this one. When you work so hard to get something and it seems like the person who put just as much effort in or maybe even less is always getting the success that you want it can be very annonying. It's hard to remember that you are not them and their success will not be the same as yours
Things I am still working on: 
  1. dealing with failure
  2. Not comparing my self to others 
  3. Not asking 'why is she clever AND smart?'
  4. Not living in the past 
We are not perfect at all, but we are still quite awesome!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

what I loved about fashion week

Being a teenager, going to school and not really being exposed to the bigger fashion world I was only able to watch the shows from my laptop screen and looking at pictures on blog and websites. One show particularly stood out to be and apparently others in the fashion world. What made the show so great was because it was from a well known brand that we all see on our uk streets and they seemed to hit the nail on the head with their wearable, eye-opening designs. Yes you guest it!, It was Topshop.
I literally couldn't stop watching the show (maybe it was the hypnotising music).
If you want to look at what people thought of the show look here:

Also if you want to look at the preview of the the Topshop SS15 collection click here:

To add a new vibe to my blog, I have also added a picture that I have drawn with my favourite outfit for the collection and also my favourite model of the moment Jourdann Dunn- Isn't she amazing?

Right now I am doing my first year of my a-levels whilst trying to do relax, find a job and get good grades. What are you guys doing at the moment? What was your favourite show?

Friday, 29 August 2014

End of summer playlist

I haven't done one of these in ages, I have tried to change my style of blogging up a little bit but at the end of the day I also go back to my wishlists and playlists!

I absolutely love this song it's been one of my favourites for about two years now it's called 'Foreign Films' by mesita. 

Listen to 'somewhere else' by the same artist

Sam Smith appears to be taking the music industry by storm and you should probably listen to this to know why

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have teamed up to produce 'bang bang' which is really catchy and the video has just come out!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A slice of advice: What to wear for this winter

Hi  guys,
I am back again I have just received my GCSE results not entirely pleased with them but I will live. I got 3 A*'s , 1 A, 4 B's and 1 C. It's annoying when you feel you could have done better though.

I asked by my email: How to dress up for a casual date.
A casual look would be perfect for date night keep simple and show your character through your shirt, polka dots, stripes or colourful patterns will be perfect. No jewellery, you'll be sharing popcorn! 
Dress simple for your date but flattering,if you're going somewhere classy live up to expectations if dinign somewhere more laid back like pizza hut or nandos show your laid back yet classy side with a kimono and a pair of flats paired with a dress. Ad more jewellery to this outfit as it's you, your date and food. He's bound to notice what your wearing if the conversation is dry or once the food is finished!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A trip to Paris

Hi guys!, 
I went to Paris for a week and I really enjoyed myself. This is the first time I've been on holiday for 10 YEARS. I thought that I would show you some of the pics that I took on holiday with me. Sorry their sideways I can't see a way to turn the around bloody hell.
I visited the Eiffel tower. I climbed up the stairs and the view was beautiful! It was so much effort to walk up the stairs in the tower probably because I was wearing FLIP FLOPS in the most heaviest rain and thought that I was going to fall like plenty of others did but I got there unharmed. One man was pratically crawling up the stairs whilst making these heaving noises trying to conquer his fear of heights. It was hilarious
A beautiful view from the tower

another great view!

I also visited love lock bridge it was so cool. A man made me a bracelet for five euros  and when he finished he said to me and my sisters, 'hakuna matata-no worries' I loved it. 

We also saw the pyramids! I didn't purposely take a picture of this man and women btw. 
We went inside to the musee de louvre where they keep the Mona Lisa painting, however, it was quite boring and it felt like I was in a greenhouse. But whose knows, you could enjoy it.

street art!

Ofcourse, I brought so many things! I shall show you in a seperate blog post 

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

summer collection: the playsuit

Hi guys,
It's been about A MONTH since I finished my exams and I'm sitting here having done only one real blog post since then. I could probably blame it on the fact the maths exam went really badly and could result in me not being able to get into buisness studies ruining my whole future career options. Maybe I'm reading into it too much but I can say I'm a huge worrier and can spend weeks just worrying about something until the issue is resolved. However, I have now decided to grow a pair and instead think about things that make me happy i.e fashion, books and ofcouse blogging.
Seeing as the weather has been a mixture of extreely hot and thunder storms and the same time, I have decided to make a summer collection full of things I'll be wearing this summer, which could include a jacket the way things are going.
My first item in the collection is the beautiful tropical playsuit from Topshop great for anyone going away somewhere hot this summer. A pair of sandals, birkenstocks or brogues (if going for dinner) would look fantastic with this look. What do you think of this look?

My first item in the collection is the beautiful tropical playsuit from Topshop great for his suanyone going away somewhere hot this summer. A pair of sandal, birkenstosk or brogues (if going for dinner) would look fantastic with this look. What do you think of this look?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

coming back

Hi guys!
Although I finished my exams over a month ago, I felt that I didn't have much inspiration to come back and continue my blog, whilst I'm still suffering from a lack of inspiration I feel I'm ready to come back and blog.
Sorry for being a way for such a long time, hopefully a lot more posts to come.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

um hello again

It feels like I have a lot of explaining to do to the little readers that I have gained through my years of blogging. I have found that the amount of work that is involved with exams can almost take over your life and it kinda still is. Though I have never been a consistent blogger (whoops) this is definitely the longest time that I have spent away from filling in my slice of the internet. So far I've done 7 exams and have about 11 left. They've all gone OK to be honest and I hope to surprise myself of results day. However, I just wasn't 'blessed' lets say with the gift of mathematics if you dare call that mix of letter, decimals and numbers. I am trying my absolute hardest not to give up of this deadly but crucial subject and will do ANYTHING FOR A B. I hope that I can deliver on the day.
Sorry to have not come with any new styles and things that I am loving at the moment but I will be back sooner than you know it! I felt that there was a much needed apology for my absence on the internet and here it is- sorry. SORRY. I think that even if fashion does come first to me, perhaps not to future employees so I best do my best and study.
I will now leave you with some songs that I have been hooked on and have been my deliverance for these bloomin' exams.
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 17 February 2014

tumblr moday?

morning all! It's the holidays and I have FINALLY got a rest, it's getting closer to my exams and I am up to my knees in work. I have a new years resolution of blogging more and that is not the only resolution I have broken but at least it's the only one I remember. I have missed going on tumblr though but now I can finally show you my tumblr inspirao blog ation that I have recently picked up.
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Fashion illustrator- lana chung

As an art textiles student and do my best to go around and look up inspiration for new drawings, paintings and I think that I may have found it.
Lana Chung is a fashion illustration when looking at the rag&bone website as Lana had previously drawn out their collection for them. I don't usually see an artist that wows me as much as here work. I love the simplistic style of the painting and illustrations that she does.

unfortunately, I couldn't share more of Lana's illustrations with you because of copyright issues but be sure to check out her website for more inspiration.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Topshop unique ss14- review

Topshop always do the most fantastic ranges and they are really on top of their game right now with tweed, velvet and bold prints as their main focus in their unique selection.
I would rate the collection a 7-8 out of 10
  • great materials
  • different patterns which are creative
  • love the green oversized jacket
Things I find difficult about the collection:
I don't really know how to put each item together. It seems to be full of more staple item rather than a combination of items which you could ix and match. Also I think I will need to warm to some of the prints...

what do you think of the new collection ?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A slice of advice #1

I really need to stick to this whole blogging thing.
I have been blogging for around two years and although I don't blog so often, I haven't given up.
that's a sign at least...

What I love most is getting emails from readers and someone asked me this question:
I then thought, 'hmm... I could make something out of this..'
So I've decided to make a new segment in my blog, A SLICE OF ADVICE
ask me a question below or through my email and I try my best to give you a list of clothing to on what to wear something with or what to wear to a certain event.

I love varsity jackets, great casual sporty wear which I love because they are so  cool and make you feel like your going to an American school in the movies.
they would look great with trainers and a casual strap dress
This is a great outfit to wear on the go or to meet up with friends or a casual date to the cinema or someone's house. You will feel comfortable yet feel stylish at the same time.

thanks for asking,

For advice comment or email me at thewayyoudressit (at) gmail. com

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Happy new year!/ new year's playlist

This is my first blog post of the whole year! I told myself that I wouldn't be making any new year's resolutions but I couldn't help myself.

1. BLOG MORE- I think it goes without saying that I will learn more about blogging and gain more follower's to read my content and tips if I just blog a bit more. Also to blog about things that I care about as well as you may find that quite entertaining
2. RENOVATE MY BLOG- I am not expert at this at all but what really attracts people to their blog is if the design of the blog is better.
3. READ MORE- I spend so much time on the computer and the other time studying that I never get a chance to read a good book, hopefully with a year jam packed with exams this one will actually be possible.
4. DRAW AND DESIGN MORE- I'm already on to this one!

What are your resolutions for this year?

Playlist for the new year:
1. home- Gabrielle Aplin
2. When I get famous- Jamie Cullum
3. Grow Old with me- Tom Odell
4. Sing to the moon- Laura Mvula
5. counting star- One republic
6. golden chains- ALB

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