Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A long day...

After a long day, everyone just wants to sit back and relax... and what better way to do that by listening to a good tune... Here are two songs I really like this week! You never know you may actually might enjoy them yourself; especially after the day has been a rough one.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Web shout out

Hello guys!,
It's just over a month away until it is the almighty Christmas and I have gone crazy on looking up things that I will probably never get or neither afford. But a website that continues to catch y eye is Topshop! I website has a great design and is always continuously updated which is always a bonus! I enjoy looking at the new trends that they advertise in the website and the possible Christmas gifts that will take a number of begs to get...

Look at the Topshop website for more lovely clothes!

Topshop's latest fashion findings


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lets follow this blog!

Hi guys! I knew I couldn't leave you for long! Well, I'm not actually quite sure when I started this blog up but since the beginning, there has been some improvements even if it doesn't really show! I f your just looking for a little bit of entertaining or looking for fashion thoughts, this blog is for you! So please follow me guys x thanks for reading

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The ultimate blogging tips

Yes I am here again with my ultimate blogging tips which I should really take on board myself. Sadly, this is the last of my ultimate blogging tips before I get carried away and foreget the whole purpose of the blog.
so here it is...

The ultimate blogging tip number 3:
Don't right too much in one post. People don't really want to see an essay and would like you to get to the point quicker without rambling on about last night's dinner (it was pizza if you were wondering).

The ultimate blogging tip number 4:
Pictures! Are you talking about something that people would be thinking 'I really want to see this!'? Then add a picture! Everything is better visually.

The ultimate blogging tip nuber 5 (the last of it)
Enjoy! If you aren't enjoying blogging, it's probably not for you, your not trying, or you need to work on making it enjoyable. Only write about things you enjoy, not what other people would enjoy. Oh and check spelling and punctuation too (I should work on that.)

And that's the last of it! The blogging tips none of which I have appeared to take on bored whilst writing the post.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012