Saturday, 27 December 2014

Fur and boots

I'm back blogging!
Starting my a-levels have left me no time for myself and it's slightly tiresome and some points and I haven't have the chance to blog at all. But now I think that I need some sort of extra curricular activity to keep me busy and to take my mind of everything which of course has to be blogging.
Boots seem to be all the range this winter I have found myself lusting on these Stuart Weitzman boots that I saw a blogger,Patricia Bright wearing and also a woman in a restaurant. Let's just say that I'm broke with expensive taste but aren't we all? It's seems really hard to find boots to wear that suit your leg shape and don't just sag at the end but when I found these River Island shoes I feel in love a little bit. Although they are nothing like the Stuart Weitzman boots they are preppy and fun and would be great from the near snow temperatures we have been getting. Is it only me who hates snow?
Another essential that will be great for these nippy English temperature is a fur coat. Maybe not as outstandish as this one but why not have a statement jacket on whilst falling on your bum in a pile of snow? No harm done.

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