Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A slice of advice #1

I really need to stick to this whole blogging thing.
I have been blogging for around two years and although I don't blog so often, I haven't given up.
that's a sign at least...

What I love most is getting emails from readers and someone asked me this question:
I then thought, 'hmm... I could make something out of this..'
So I've decided to make a new segment in my blog, A SLICE OF ADVICE
ask me a question below or through my email and I try my best to give you a list of clothing to on what to wear something with or what to wear to a certain event.

I love varsity jackets, great casual sporty wear which I love because they are so  cool and make you feel like your going to an American school in the movies.
they would look great with trainers and a casual strap dress
This is a great outfit to wear on the go or to meet up with friends or a casual date to the cinema or someone's house. You will feel comfortable yet feel stylish at the same time.

thanks for asking,

For advice comment or email me at thewayyoudressit (at) gmail. com

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Happy new year!/ new year's playlist

This is my first blog post of the whole year! I told myself that I wouldn't be making any new year's resolutions but I couldn't help myself.

1. BLOG MORE- I think it goes without saying that I will learn more about blogging and gain more follower's to read my content and tips if I just blog a bit more. Also to blog about things that I care about as well as you may find that quite entertaining
2. RENOVATE MY BLOG- I am not expert at this at all but what really attracts people to their blog is if the design of the blog is better.
3. READ MORE- I spend so much time on the computer and the other time studying that I never get a chance to read a good book, hopefully with a year jam packed with exams this one will actually be possible.
4. DRAW AND DESIGN MORE- I'm already on to this one!

What are your resolutions for this year?

Playlist for the new year:
1. home- Gabrielle Aplin
2. When I get famous- Jamie Cullum
3. Grow Old with me- Tom Odell
4. Sing to the moon- Laura Mvula
5. counting star- One republic
6. golden chains- ALB

leave your links below so I can check out your blog.xx