Monday, 29 June 2015

A blog post to... the people who never quite understand me

Dear the people who don't quite understand me,
I get it. I am not that easy to understand. I don't appear to have those skills that appears to be human instinct to everyone else just to start off with 'hi, my name is..' and make friends with new people. Change is weird. I have spent years making the friends I have now, who perfectly understand, who know when I'm happy, who know that I cry when I'm angry and who know that I hardly ever eat the sandwiches contrary to my mum's beliefs. If you don't understand me, you probably never will. There is a great wall between me and you which I can't seem to break and at one point you've probably called me a weirdo. But if you were wondering what kind of a person I was I would tell you that I'm nice. I'm hardworking. I like to hum to myself sometimes which can sometimes annoy people. And I don't like it when people take my seat when I've only gone to the toilet. But if you don't understand me, it's OK. I probably don't understand a single bit of you.

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