Sunday, 23 September 2012

just because it's cold doesn't mean we can't look smashing

Hello everyone!

Hasn't the eather just been great? those who live in England would get exactyl what I mean  because it's be pretty terrible. How come it takes ages for the sun to kick in when it's ummer but winter just zoom in on us :/ I really dont know. Anyho seeing as the topic we are on is bad weather It would be safe to say i's time to start filling up our losets agin ith winter clothes and I think miliary is wher i's at. I would definetley wear this and my dream is to see everyone wearing rmy jackets, like navy clones on the streets ( I have a wild imagination.)

You can get this from Topshop or £48.00 enjoy your military style jacket as I enjoy mine, a step closer to my dream

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