Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas playlist

I promised a list of my favourite songs to listen to at Christmas time and I will now deliver. It's that time of the year again when no one will call us strange for bursting out our favourite christmasy tune. I will select my two favourites which I will show the youtube video for. A few are not even Christmas songs but I just associate them with Christmas time!
  1.  The pogues- Fairy tale of New York
  2. Rudolph the red noised reindeer- destiny's child
  3. Christmas lights- coldplay
  4. Walking in the air- the snowman
  5. Lover of the night- Mumford and sons
  6. Dog days are over- Florence and the machine
  7. please, please,please let me get what I want- slow moving Millie
  8. I wish it could be Christmas everyday-wizzard
  9. Last Christmas- Wham!
  10. The Power of Love- Gabrielle Aplin
I hope you enjoy looking these up on Youtube because they will making you feel all jolly and good inside :) Simply have a wonderful christmas time (get it?)

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