Thursday, 23 May 2013

To this day project

Hello guys!
I'm not quite sure how long I have been missing in action but I can only blame it on the struggles that come with going to school, by that I mean revising, keeping up with work etc. However, now my exams are finished (for now), I am all yours! Though I don't think I was very successful
Speaking of troubles in school I was thinking about the struggles that a lot of children face when going to school- bullying. Everyone knows that bullying goes on in schools yet I  feel that no one does anything about it. no one really understands what it's like to be bullied and it's easy just to say, 'stand up to the bully!', but I'm sure if you were in the same situation you would not feel the same way.
A few months ago I came across the video on youtube and I just loved it. It sums up all the things about bullying, the different types and the after affects  and I think that everyone should watch this video.
This man is an amazing poet and I really love a lot of his work (and his voice!)
If you would like to follow Shane Koyczan on twitter it's @Koyczan.
This is my 50th blog post as well which I am pretty excited about!


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