Saturday, 14 September 2013


Sorry for being MIA but the new school year has started and I have also started to get bloggers block. I couldn't think of anything to write about and share with you but I thought that I might share with you my favourite bloggers.

Rhiannon Ashlee from FashionRocksMy Socks
I first found out about Rhiannon from YouTube whilst being bored and finding my way to her channel. Through then I found her blog which Had just started at the time and with my blog also just starting at the time I though "Woah this is so much better than mine" This has proven to be true as her blog has now grown winning awards and gaining new followers every. I really enjoy reading her blog as it has a sort of high street fashion feel to it

Stephanie Huang from High Stitched Voice
I first found out Stephanie's  blog through chictopia (I think). This was at a point when I had just started my blog and I was unaware of the fact that their was a whole circle of other people who were interested in the same stuff as me and are sharing their interests in the same way that I was. I really enjoy reading Stephanie's blog and enjoy her different sense of style.

Who are your favourite bloggers? If you are interested in joining in joining in the tag that I made up please just leave your blog links below!


  1. I love posts like this, it helps to find great new bloggers!!