Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A trip to Paris

Hi guys!, 
I went to Paris for a week and I really enjoyed myself. This is the first time I've been on holiday for 10 YEARS. I thought that I would show you some of the pics that I took on holiday with me. Sorry their sideways I can't see a way to turn the around bloody hell.
I visited the Eiffel tower. I climbed up the stairs and the view was beautiful! It was so much effort to walk up the stairs in the tower probably because I was wearing FLIP FLOPS in the most heaviest rain and thought that I was going to fall like plenty of others did but I got there unharmed. One man was pratically crawling up the stairs whilst making these heaving noises trying to conquer his fear of heights. It was hilarious
A beautiful view from the tower

another great view!

I also visited love lock bridge it was so cool. A man made me a bracelet for five euros  and when he finished he said to me and my sisters, 'hakuna matata-no worries' I loved it. 

We also saw the pyramids! I didn't purposely take a picture of this man and women btw. 
We went inside to the musee de louvre where they keep the Mona Lisa painting, however, it was quite boring and it felt like I was in a greenhouse. But whose knows, you could enjoy it.

street art!

Ofcourse, I brought so many things! I shall show you in a seperate blog post 

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  1. Very nice pictures :) where do you come from?

    1. Thank you and I come from Nigeria. I have never been there before and have lived in England all my life :)