Saturday, 16 February 2013

Spring its near!

Hi guys!,
When I think of the good weather to come, I almost jump in happiness as I may be one of the few people who sees no good in snow. I'm also pretty excited for this LFW... are you?
Spring is the perfect weather when we can show of our new clothes without a jacket on top of it, making you feel like you effort was no t worth it. (I always seem to blog about the weather)
I have had a bit of a thing for t-shirts now, so I immediately loved this Asos acid wash tee, with simple details on the side.
If your looking for a top that will look good when going somewhere special, this Topshop crop will ook great and you will only need a little jewellery because of the neck detail.
Number 3 is great for a lazy day or if you want to wear your favourite tee but are feeling a bit chilly, you could wear this on the bottom
And to get into the real spring mood, whip out this floral sleeveless, I quite like the longer back as well!
Which one is your favourite?

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  1. such lovely picks dear and i would love to see my button on your blog. if you have one i really want to show it on my blog too

    1. thankyou and ofcourse I will put your button on here as soon as! plus I do not have a button yet but will look in to getting one x