Saturday, 23 March 2013

Advertising on FDI

There are millions of fashion bloggers around and about and you have to admit it's hard to get yourself out there; sometimes you need to get yourself out there. I've always liked the idea of getting other people involved in your blog and I have thought of a few ways of you guys to get involved with mine:

send your buttons
If you would like to advertise your blog send in your button like the one on the side to get your blog noticed a bit more. If you don't have one you could send in a picture of you or the name of your blog/logo and I can link it to your website.

show me your style
If you are interested in showing my blog followers your style and answering some questions about what your style means to you just email me at: thewayyoudressit (at) gmail (.com)
A great way to spread the word about your blog!

guest writing
If you would love to do a guest post on my blog, I would love to hear from you! Guest writing could involve just emailing me an article you wrote or something you would normally do on your blog but here.

Advertising is a great way to share your own blog by collaborating with others
Thanks for reading and if your interested in doing any of these please just email me or comment below with your email address or other links.

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