Tuesday, 26 March 2013

wednesday wishes

I have realised that I have done little fashion content in my blog recently and it is safe to say that I should probably get down to doing so. I quite like varying the content in my blog to go with the name of the blog- if only I wasn't that young when I came up with the name, it  wouldn't be so embarrassing now...
Seeing as it's Wednesday, a day which always gets me down as we a neither at the beginning or end of the week; I thought I'd do a Wednesday wish list and will probably do this if people like it.
The sun should be emerging from it's hiding place, yet is refusing to so all I can do is to dream of it and the clothes that come with it which i love these shorts. Which is your favourite?
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  1. i love those floral shorts. they are beautiful.

  2. Those shorts are so cute!
    Perfect for Spring and Summer